I’ve heard people complain how the batteries of their phones, Give them headache even after replacing with a new one. Most times they fault the retailer of selling substandard battery, but people don’t really put the chargers they use into consideration. Although how you charge your device to really matter but will talk about that later, just stick with us to get updates on all your devices

From experience and personal research at leeqtech.com, I noticed most of us don’t use the required charger for our devices. Devices this days are coming with a large mAh (miliamphere hour).


When next you have a problem after replacing your battery, I want you to consider checking your charger too. Are you using the original charger or the fake one? Because the problem with low quality chargers, is that they don’t use a lot of fancy power controllers. They just have a bridge rectifier along with a capacitor to smooth out any ripples after the current is converted from AC to DC. So this makes them so cheap, that the power output may contain a lot of unwanted harmonics which harms the battery. And this can even damage the phone if there’s any occasional high voltage. If your phone is a budget phone you can go ahead else, get the branded company charger.


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